Mailbox Migration from Webmail to Smartermail

1. Login to Smartermail.

2. Click on the Settings button. Expand the Advanced Settings.

3. Now Click on ‘Mailbox Migration’.

4. In account type select ‘Other’ option and click on the next .

5. Choose ‘Email’ option. Click on next.

6. POP  will migrate Inbox. If you want to migrate inbox,outbox,draft and sub folders you have to choose IMAP.

    In the server address field give ip address of your webmail server.
    Give username and password of your webmail account .
    Now click on ‘
Test Connection’.
    If the connection works then go ahead and continue the migration.

For POP:



7. Click on ‘Start’ button. It will start the migration.

8. After clicking on
‘Start’ you will see the progress of migration.

9. After finishing the migration it will show ‘Done’ button.

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