• Login to the Smarter Mail.


           Once logged in on SmarterMail with your Email Id :


  • Click on the Settings button on the left (It looks like a gear icon)




  • Expand the Advanced Settings folder.





  • Click on Mailbox Migration. This will pop up a new window for the Mailbox Migration.



  • As you can see you have different options to choose from but in this tutorial, we’re going to use the option Gmail.


  • Click on the Next button.

  • Now place a checkmark next to Email, Contacts whatever you want and click on the Next button.




  • Type the username of Gmail account that you want to migrate i.e Email id of Gmail and Password of that Gmail Account.


  • Now click on Test Connection.

  • If the connection works then go ahead by clicking Next button.

  • Then Click on Finish button.

  • The mailbox migration tool then shows the progress of importing emails.

  • After completion of migration, it shows the message Email -  Done and then click on Close button.

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