How to Re-Install OS From VPS Control Panel

1.Log in to the Customer Portal.

2.After selecting the vps, you can perform a variety of operations, such as Stop, Start, Restart, Shutdown, taking VNC right here.

3.The VPS password can be changed in the SETTINGS section (PFA).

4.To Install/Re-install the OS,  Choose the VPS or VM on which you want to perform the activity (PFA).

5.Select the Install option from the VPS Information section, which is located under Server Information, on the Manage page. To Re-Install OS, go to VPS Management panel and click on "OS Re-Install" icon.

6.You can also select the version of the OS by selecting the OS Icons as shown in below screenshot.

You must provide a new password here in order to continue with the installation after choosing the OS you want to install on your VPS.
Note : Please make sure you have a backup of the VPS. Reinstalling the OS will wipe all your VPS data.

7.You will receive a warning prompt before reinstalling the OS, click Ok to proceed for installation.

8.The installation procedure could take a short while. The Manage page for your VPS will be displayed after the installation procedure is finished. Look under VPS Information to make sure you've successfully reinstalled the correct OS.

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