How to upgrade the Linux Cloud server.

Please follow the steps below to upgrade the Cloud Server.

  1. login to your client area.
    1. Click on the services >> Cloud Server (VPS) >> self-Managed Cloud VM/Managed-Cloud VM
  2.   Select the Cloud server which you want to upgrade from the screen.
  3.  From the next screen just click on More >> Upgrade 

  4. Choose the package you want to upgrade the VM and 

  5.  Now select the payment cycle you want and click on Continue.

  6.  In this step verify the Cloud server upgrade package, Price, and Total due, and select the payment option you want to use once done click on the Submit button.

  7. Now pay the invoice to upgrade the Cloud server.

  8.  Once payment is complete, it will take a couple of minutes to upgrade the Cloud Server, this process is automated.

  9. Please contact Sales OR Support if are not able to perform the upgrade steps, we will be happy to help you.


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