How to upgrade the Linux Cloud VM.

Please follow the steps below to upgrade the Cloud Server.

  • Login to your client area.
  • Click on the services >> Cloud Server (VPS) >> Self-Managed Cloud VM/Managed-Cloud VM



  •  Select the Cloud server which you want to upgrade from the screen.
  •  From the next screen just click on More >> Upgrade 

  • Choose the package you want to upgrade the VM and 
  • Now select the payment cycle you want and click on Continue.

  •  In this step verify the Cloud server upgrade package, Price, and Total due, and select the payment option you want to use once done click on the Submit button.

  • Now pay the invoice to upgrade the Cloud server.
  • Once payment is complete, it will take a couple of minutes to upgrade the Cloud Server, this process is automated.
  • After this process, an important step is needed to shutdown the VM and start the VM to get upgrade resources reflected in the VM.

  • And now time to start it.

  • Please verify all the resources with the login to your VM once it is up.
  • Please contact Sales OR Support if are not able to perform the upgrade steps, we will be happy to help you.

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