How to install Rapid SSL

How to install a Rapid SSL certificate from client area-

1. Login to your client area
2. Go to My services
3. You will get the orders, Click on order for RapidSSL for your account.
4. Click On configure now an option
5. Select cPanel/whm
6. Put CSR ( certificate signing request )
(You can generate the CSR from the Cpanel > SSL/TLS option > generate Certificate signing request > fill up the details > you will get the CSR)
8. After filling CSR click on next
9. Select the Company filed as IT
10. Then submit configuration
11. Select the approver method for RapidSSL > For that you need the email ID [email protected] email
12. After submitting the configuration, you will get the approver Email on your email ID [email protected]
13. Approve that request by logging into your email ID
14. Then after some time, you need to retrieve a certificate from the same client area.
15. After retrieving certificate, Install it in your Cpanel.

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