How to migrate cpanel account to virtualmin server

How to migrate cPanel account to virtualmin server

1)Copying the cPanel Backup to Your Virtualmin Server :

     a) If your backup is small, you can use the cPanel download full backup page to download it to your PC right in your browser, and you can then use      the upload form in Vitualmin.

      b)If your backup is larger than a few megabytes,then you can use scp to transfer from source server to destination virtualmin server.

          E.g : scp backup.tar.gz [email protected]:/root

2) Using the Migration Form :

    a)Login into the virtual min.

    b)Expand the ‘Add servers’ option which is at left hand side pane.



     c)Then click on ‘Migrate virtual server’ option.

    d)Select source backup file.

                    If you upload the backup on virtualmin server then select ‘local file or directory’ OR If you download the backup to the local pc then select ‘Upload to server’.

    e)Select a Backup file type of cPanel  

    f)Fill in Username for domain. This can be any valid username, but for ease of use, you may wish to use the same name used under cPanel.
Virtualmin has fewer restrictions on usernames than cPanel (it allows long usernames for example, so I could name our user virtualmin rather than virtualm).

   g)Choose a Password for administrator.

   h)The remaining options can be left to their defaults.              

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