Configure Outlook on iPhone / iPad


This Post Helps You TO Configure Outlook On iPhone / iPad.


1.Select the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone.

2.Choose Mail > Accounts > Add Account.

3.Choose Other from the bottom of the list that appears.

4.Select Add Mail Account.

In the New Account menu, you will need to specify the following records:

  • Name – your name (will appear as a sender name).

  • Address – your full email address.

  • Password – the password for this email address.

  • Description – lets you specify any description (we suggest you use your email address).

Click Next.

5. Select protocol type: IMAP or POP3. We advise you to use IMAP. Your selection will be highlighted in blue.

6. Settings are the same for both IMAP and POP3:

Name, Email and Description: should have been already filled in

Enter the following settings for BOTH incoming and outgoing mail servers:


  • Host name:

  • User Name: your email address

  • Password: password for your email


Although it says that some of these settings are optional they are NOT optional, you MUST fill them in:

  • Host name:

  • User Name: your email address

  • Password: password for your email

Click Next.

Click Save and wait while the system verifies your account.

You should now be set up. The following advanced steps are optional.

7. When the checks are finished, you'll be redirected to the Mail > Accounts screen.

Choose your newly created account there to edit it’s settings.

8. Click on the Account again and then scroll down to Advanced and click on that.

Where it says MAILBOX BEHAVIOURS Click on each mailbox and match it to the correct folder on the server.


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