Error: '550 5.7.1 This message does not have authentication information or fails to pass

When you receive such a bounce-back message then below are the Symptoms, Cause, and Resolution:-


When the user sends the messages to external mail servers, messages are not delivered or sent to the spam folders then the server sends an email about the bounce to the server. The server does not have the set-up of DKIM and SPF.

The server do not have correct rDNS.

The IP address of the server is blacklisted.


 1. Because of spamming, the IP address may be blacklisted.
 2. The domain requirement doesn’t satisfy the requirements of Google.
 3. The mail server’s requirement is to have a verified rDNS, DKIM, and SPF must be enabled for delivering messages.


1. Setting perfect rDNS will resolve the issue.

2. Removing the IP address of the server from the blacklist.

3. Enabling DKIM and SPF.

If still you are facing the issue, you can contact us.

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