How can I Add Edit/Package in WHM

How can I Add Edit/Package in WHM

Whether you are using your reseller account to host your own websites or sites for customers, the first thing you may want to do is create at least one hosting package. The package determines the specifications and quotas for each new account you set up in WHM. First, you need to access WHM at http://your-ip-address:2086


Reseller Account Set up, Step 2: Creating Accounts


On the “Add a Package” page, a few suggested values are pre-populated, but by default, most values are initially set to “Unlimited” Typically, resellers will limit resources for less expensive accounts, encouraging account upgrades to access more resources.


In this step below, you must provide the details of the cPanel reseller hosting account you wish to create, such as the domain name, Username, Password, and Email. Please note that the username and password will be used by the customer with FTP to transfer files and access its cPanel.



In this step, you must configure the reseller package you wish to use. If you don’t have any pre-created packages, you should activate the option Select Options Manually.


Now in Manual Resource Options, you will configure the quota (disk space), bandwidth, FTP, databases, and email details.

In the next screen, we provided our recommended configuration, for an account with 40 GB of disk space, 20 mailing lists, 5 SQL databases, and an hourly email limitation of 500, which is good to avoid spam problems:



In this area, Settings, we have some options.

Dedicated IP delegate an exclusive IP address to this customer. To use this option, you have to make sure your web hosting provider has delegated dedicated IPs for you.

Shell Access – Allows the customer to access the Linux server using SSH

CGI Access – The cgi-bin folder, should be enabled.

cPanel Theme – You can choose between paper_lantern, which is the newer theme, or x3, which is the old and traditional cPanel theme.

Locale – The desired control panel language.



In Reseller Settings, we can set this account as a Reseller hosting account. If we activate this option, the newly created customer hosting account will be able to access WHM (http://your-server-ip:2086)  and create sub-accounts.



In DNS Settings, we recommend activating Enable DKIM on this account and also Enable SPF on this account. These two options will improve the delivery of emails and help you avoid sending emails marked as junk (spam folders).



In this area, Mail Routing Settings, we can configure how the MX (Mail Exchanger) will work. By default, we should keep it as a local mail exchanger so that our cPanel server will handle all the emails.

For advanced users, it’s possible to use Remote Mail Exchanger if you wish to use Google Apps, or any remote MX service.

After all, we must click Create.


When you are ready to create your new hosting account, click the Create button at the bottom of the screen. If everything is OK, the account will be created successfully and you will see a summary of the new account info:



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