How to Install WordPress Using Installatron?

How to Install WordPress Using Installatron?

  1. When you are logged in your cPanel account, look for the “WEB APPLICATIONS” section and click on “view more” on the right on the same line as “Featured Appplication”.

  2. This will open up the “Installatron” web application installer page for you, and you will see all the available web applications which you can install. Then scroll to “Apps For Content Management” and click on “WordPress” or the WordPress logo.

     That will take you to the Installation WordPress installation screen step 1 which looks like this… Then click on “Install this application” button on your right.



   3. When the next installation step screen opens, select the domain name you want to use for your installation and fill in the necessary information and select your preferred      settings.



    4.  Click on the “Install” button at the top right or at the bottom right to continue and finish your installation.




     NOTE: If some information are not correct, the system will show you the error message and ask you to correct it. However, if everything went well and the installation was  successful, the system will email you an application installation confirmation message with your WordPress admin login credentials to notify you that your WordPress installation is ready to be used. Follow the instruction in that email and continue to work on your website till you finish and go live.


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