How to enable virtualization technology from BIOS for a GIGABYTE server


Enabling virtualization technology on an GIGABYTE server involves accessing the server's BIOS or UEFI settings and enabling the appropriate options. Virtualization technology, such as "Intel Virtualization Technology" (VT-x) or "AMD-V." Enable these options, needs to be enabled in the server's hardware settings to allow virtualization software (such as VMware, Hyper-V, or KVM) to run efficiently.

Please note that the exact steps might vary depending on the server model and BIOS/UEFI version. The following are general steps to enable virtualization technology on an GIGABYTE server:

Step 1 

Take an IPMI connection to the server, restart it, and then press F2 to display the BOIS/Platform configuration.


Step 2

Once select BOIS/Platform configuration, choose Advanced Options > PCI Subsystem Settings > SR-IOV Support and change it to enabled, than click F10 to save the settings and reboot the server

SR-IOV Support
     If system has SR-IOV capable PCIe Devices, this option enables or disables Single Root IO

SR-IOV Select a setting.

     Enabled—Enables a hypervisor to create virtual instances of a PCIe device, potentially increasing performance.
     Disabled—Does not enable a hypervisor to create virtual instances of a PCIe device.