How to add SSH key to the Linux Cloud VM.

To add the key please log in to your client's area from the Leapswitch website.


Step 1:  How to create SSH Key --  using Linux OR from Windows  

Step 2. Find the VM to which you want to add the SSH key from Dashboard >> services>> cloud VM category >> cloud VM.


Step 3: Select the SSH keys option from the right-side navigation of the cloud VM.


Step 4:  There are 3 options

  1. Used: which shows existing keys.
  2. SSH Keys: existing keys added to the cloud VM.
  3. Add new SSH key: to add the new SSH Key.

Select 3rd option to add the new key. and submit it and it's done -- SSH key will work after the VPS reboot


Step 5: For the SSH key you need to reboot the cloud VM.
Step 6:  To reboot the cloud VM, click on the "Overview" and then reboot it.

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