Setting Up Mail Forwarding In Plesk Panel

To set up mail forwarding for an email address:

1. Open the plesk panel > select your domain > Go to Mail > your email address > the Forwarding tab.

2. Select your email address >> click on the email address.

3. Here you find the Forwarding option click on that and set the email forwarding.

  • Select the Switch on mail forwarding checkbox.

  • Specify one or more email addresses to forward mail to. When specifying multiple email addresses, separate them with spaces, commas, semicolons, or type each email address on a new line.

  • By default, copies of forwarded emails remain in your Plesk mailbox. To have Plesk automatically delete the copies, select the “Do not deliver copies of forwarded emails to the Plesk mailbox” checkbox.

  • Click OK.

    You have set up mail forwarding.

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