Troubleshooting Tips: Unblocking Your IP on Shared/Reseller Hosting Services

1. Login to Client Area

To get started, log in to your Client Area using your credentials. If you face any login issues or have forgotten your information, contact our support team through the chat feature or send an email from your registered email address to open a ticket for assistance.


2. Select Service

After logging in, proceed to the "Services" section. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all your active services

3. Check for Unblock IP Address Option

Within the details of each service, locate the "Unblock IP Address" option. This is where you can effectively manage any blocked IP addresses associated with your service.


4. Check Other IP Address - Enter the IP Address Here

If you have a specific IP address requiring attention, enter it into the designated field. This might be an IP address you wish to unblock or one you want to check for potential blocks.

Note: Check Reason for IP Block

This section will display the reason for the IP block. If you are experiencing issues such as website or email malfunctions while accessing the client area from the same IP, check the provided error details. If the issue pertains to your customers, manually enter the ISP of the customer. Find the ISP IPv4 using this link.


5. Click on "Check for IP Block and Remove"

Once the IP address is entered, click on the "Check for IP Block and Remove" button. The system will then verify and, if applicable, unblock the specified IP address.

Note: Removal Confirmation and Reason

After clicking "Check for IP Block and Remove," the system will remove the IP from the firewall and provide you with the reason for the IP block.

Whitelisting for Static IP Users

1. Whitelisted IPs

For users with static IP addresses, navigate to the "Whitelisted IPs" section within the Client Area.

2. Enter the IP Which You Want to Whitelist

In the designated field, input the specific IP address you wish to whitelist. This ensures that the specified IP is allowed without any restrictions.

Thank you for choosing our Client Area! Should you encounter any issues or have further inquiries, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We are committed to helping you maximize the benefits of our services.

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