Steps to create a Subscription with a service plan in Plesk

Step 1: Create a Service Plan

    1. Log in to Plesk: Open your Plesk control panel in a web browser and log in using your administrator credentials.

    2. Navigate to Service Plans:

      • Go to the "Service Plans" or "Hosting Plans" section. This location may vary based on your Plesk version.

    3. Create a New Service Plan:

    4. Look for an option like "Add a Service Plan" or "Create Hosting Plan" and click on it.

    5. Configure Service Plan Settings:

      • Enter a name for your service plan.

      • Set resource limits (disk space, traffic, databases, etc.).

      • Define permissions and additional settings.

    6. Save the Service Plan:

      • After configuring the plan, save or apply the changes.

Step 2: Create a Subscription Using the Service Plan

    1. Navigate to Subscriptions:

      • Go to the "Subscriptions" section in your Plesk panel.

    2. Create a New Subscription:

    3. Look for an option like "Add a Subscription" or "Create Subscription" and click on it.

    4. Fill in Subscription Details:

      • Enter the domain name for the subscription.

      • Set the username and password for the subscription.

    5. Select Service Plan:

      • In the subscription creation form, there should be an option to choose a service plan. Select the service plan you created in the previous steps.

    6. Configure Subscription Settings:

      • Adjust any additional settings related to web hosting, mail hosting, DNS, etc.

    7. Complete the Subscription Setup:

      • Review your settings and click the "OK" or "Create" button to complete the subscription creation.


By following these steps, you will have created a service plan with specific resource limits and permissions, and then used that plan to create a subscription for a particular domain.

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