How to trace Emails in cpanel

Email Tracing in cPanel

Email Trace functionality is important for troubleshooting email routing issues. With this tool, users can pinpoint problems with their email delivery by tracing delivery attempts and routes with the click of a button.

To search email delivery attempts with Email Trace:

1. Log into cPanel.   
2. In the Mail section, click the Email Trace icon.
3. Enter a recipient email address in the search box.
4. Click Run Report.

The results will then appear in the form of the Delivery Report table See Below and the Email Server Trace diagram See Below.

The Delivery Report table

By default, the system sorts your query's results into the following columns:

Column Description
Event An icon that indicates the message's delivery status:
  • — The message was delivered successfully.
  • — The message's status is unknown, or delivery is in progress.
  • — The message was deferred.
  • — The message encountered a delivery error.
  • — The message was rejected at SMTP time. Typically, this occurs because the sender's server does not have a secure configuration or appears on a Real-time Blackhole List (RBL).
  • — The mail server accepted the message but did not deliver it to the recipient's inbox. This typically occurs because spam software filtered the message.
User The cPanel user who owns the email account that sent the message.
Sender The email address on your system that sent the message.
Sent Time The date and time when the user sent the message.
Spam Score A score that is based on the number of spam-related traits within the message.
Recipient The email address to whom the user sent the message.
ID The unique identifier of the outgoing email message.
Result This column contains a short message about the delivery.
Actions Click the icon to view and print information about the selected message. This information includes the message's sender, recipient, username, and more.



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