How to change MX records and Email Routing in cPanel

You can check and change MX records and Email routing for domains using below steps:-

MX records:
1. Log into your cPanel, navigate to Domains section > Zone Editor menu.
2. Click Manage next to your domain.

3. Go to the MX tab.

The default MX record for all hosted domains is mail.yourdomain.tld.

If you would like to use a third-party mail service for your domain, you need to follow below steps: -

1. Remove existing MX records for your domain.

2. Add a new MX record(s) using the Add Record button.

3. Set Email Routing to Remote as described below.

Email Routing

1. Log into your cPanel, go to Email section > Email Routing menu.

2. By default, Email Routing is set to Local for all hosted domains.

3. In order to use a third-party email service, you need to change it to Remote and click Change.


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