Acronis Create a Customer Account

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Acronis Create a Customer Account


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To create a customer account in Acronis Partner Accounts.

  1. Log in to the Acronis Partner Account.
  2. Click on New:
  3. Click on Customer:
  4. Provide general information:
    Provide general information about the tenant.

  5. Select Services: Keep the Default Settings as it is.

    Select the services and editions that you want to enable for the tenant.

  6. Configure services:

    Select and configure the specific service features (offering items). You can limit the use of the selected offering items by specifying soft and hard quotas or keeping them unlimited.

  7. Create administrator:
    An administrator account is required for the registration of devices within the Cyber Protection service. The administrator created in this step will get the maximum level of privileges within this tenant.
  8.  Your client will get an activation email on the email id Added, Ask your Client to Activate the Account and Set Password

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